Descripción: By using Hang Drums and percussive instruments, Scruntinize capture an uplifting journey. A mix of traditional instruments and electronic pads and drones.

Descripción: An uplifting orchestral cue, representing a sunrise and the magical world of daylight. It invites the spirit to enjoy what is around us with a smile on our faces.

Descripción: A dark Hip Hop style beat featuring piano strings and synths. It suggests a powerful and mystical mood. It is looking to represent the challenges trough an experience.

Descripción: A latin melancholic cue building into an adventurous rhythm by mixing guitars, drums and latin percussions. Inspired on the story of a retired Luchador struggling to pay his bills.

Descripción: An orchestral based cue building towards the revelation of something new. It provides a feeling of a big discovery.

Descripción: Inspired on a magical journey in between Caronte and a Human ghost. Introducing a melancholic mood, it builds into energetic melodic sections leading to a piano and strings bridge. By combining strings, piano and electronic percussions, it provides a hybrid feeling.

Descripción: Piano based beat combined with synths and sound design. it provides a dark mood like if waiting for something to happen.

Descripción: Electric Guitar and string based cue. Bringing a dramatic feeling with a bit of an eastern mood, bringing drums to add a discovery mood. It captures the mood of being admiring a kingdom ruled by evil.

Descripción: A calm mood Synth Piano based building into an uplifting transition, bringing a heroic feeling supported by horns. It captures the vibe of moving from one place to another with a majestic mood.

Descripción: A Piano and Cello piece supported by electronic sound design and synths. Providing a melancholic feeling with a magical colour like a fairytale.

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