Descripción: Ethereal dreamy gentle piece with a combination of strings, wind instruments, ocean wave sound effects and Tibetan Chimes designed as a seamless loop for relaxation and meditation.

Descripción: Easy listening 4/4 beat with strings played in an orchestral dreamy majestic style.

Descripción: Heavy rock beat with electric guitars playing base line to start. Builds into a more established beat with distortion guitar lead.

Descripción: Bright piano lead with stringed accompaniment played with a rock beat. Playful reflective loop suitable for background music in corporate ads showing cityscapes promoting business ideas and ventures.

Descripción: Piano lead, 3 part chord sequence played to a 4/4 beat. The kind of loop you can use as background to a corporate sales ad, or presentation.

Descripción: Very fun and playful version of Jingle Bells. Ideal for background in children's video's. Jazz themed. Main melody lead with piano. Has a playful back beat.

Descripción: This is an upbeat rock version of deck the halls with a party type feel to it. It sounds a little gospel at the beginning then the main melody is played with Christmas sounding bells and orchestral strings.

Descripción: Well known public domain Christmas song "Oh Holy Night" played with a country feel. It has a pedal steel guitar lead. The second part is backed with orchestral strings creating a majestic ambience.

Descripción: Good old country pedal steel guitar lead with catchy country melody and a 2/4 country beat you can tap your toe to.

Descripción: Retro 80S feel. Has solid 8 beat with a base guitar plucking a chord sequence accompanied by acoustic guitar. Builds up to a stringed orchestral accompaniment. Inspired by a surfer in vintage San Francisco. Ideal for use as a countdown timer background music on game show.

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