Descripción: A dark, tongue in cheek, song giving a warning to people to look out...we are not as trust worthy as we seem.

Descripción: An empowering song about personal growth and change.

Descripción: A haunting song about a broken lover who can never be loved again, no matter how many try.

Descripción: A hot sweaty song about two lovers trying to control one another

Descripción: A perfect soundtrack to those fun summer flings. Happy and uplifting with a touch a sexy.

Descripción: Dreaming of becoming a parent, along with the all joy and heartache that follows.

Descripción: A dark and sexy club. Two lovers meet without exchanging words. This is their soundtrack.

Descripción: The song that plays in your heart when you are with someone you love.

Descripción: An energetic folk rock song with very nice dynamics. An empowering song about cutting ties with horrible people and moving on.

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