Descripción: Flotador en una fantasía maravillosa a las costas de la Atlántida en el frío ambiente sereno de sintetizador se hincha, arpegios multicapas de arpa y sintetizador, electrónica y kit de percusión y una sección de cuerdas.

Descripción: An exotic chilled out setting for an exploration into the mysterious unknown. It has subliminal, light, and airy choir melodies and chord changes, futuristic Sci-Fi SXF dynamics, and perky undertones of poly-rhythm arpeggio ticking clock electronic percussion groove that works well for time lapse. It is very hypnotic and relaxing to listen to and can give a calm sense of wonder.

Descripción: Spiritual adventures for discovery and traveling through inner quests of fulfillment of time and space. A flight though the conscience mind. Electronic ambient chill out with transcendental bells and chimes. Serene one minute mystery ambient intro leads into arpeggiated futuristic chill out groove with congas and light percussion. abandoned, abstract, alone, ambient, atmosphere, deserted, dream, dreams, dreamscape, dreamy, faraway, forgone, forlorn, forsaken, friendless, introverted, isolated, isolation, loneliness, lonely, lonesome, lost, mysterious, mystery, mystic, mystical, mystifying, soundscape, suspense, suspenseful, vacant, vague, vision, visions, wistful

Descripción: Light rises and the shadows fade as an angelic choir awakens a new day. Ambient synthesizer and choir open into a subtle drum and bass groove with light melodic passages and dynamics. Very chill and melodic.

Descripción: A very spiritual ambient build up with choir, monk bells, wind chimes, singing bowl, and a glassy synthesizer pad. This leads into a laid back percussion groove with hi hats, bass drum, rim snare, congas, monk bells, reversed cymbal, and egg shaker. It climaxes with an inspiring mystic Indian flute melody with underlying choir harmonies then fades lightly to a soft gentle ambient landing. This piece is very nice and relaxed but also has wondrous glory and angelic feel that will impart warmth and a sweet embracing love. 97bpm

Descripción: Float away in a wonderful fantasy to the shores of Atlantis in the serene ambient chill of synth swells, multilayer arpeggios of harp and synth, electronic and drum kit percussion, and a string section. This piece has a serene fanciful and an uplifting playfulness. 86bpm

Descripción: Dreamy and surrealistic chillout with electronic percussion, synthesizer pads and sound effect, and choir. 62 beats per minute.

Descripción: Dreamy and surrealistic chillout with electronic percussion, synthesizer pads and sound effect, and choir. 62 beats per minute.

Descripción: Happy, uplifting, and bright with feelings of optimism is a sunny day but the eclipse soon darkens the sky with a minor mode shadow of uncertainty. Thankfully this soon passes and the sun shines bright and the shadows are forgotten. All contained in a bipolar dynamic landscape chillout of choir, strings, electronic percussion kit with conga, synth pads, bells bass, and harp.

Descripción: Here's a upbeat background track that's full of outgoing exuberance for life! It has an electrifying underscore of synthesizer acoustic guitar that sets the uplifting mood for the entire piece. The congas, egg shaker, and percussion kit groove drive the spirits higher to unite with an uplifting angelic chorus. It builds up more with a fast paced grand piano arpeggio and crescendos with a magical orchestral ensemble in unison with the piano that will surely get feet moving and good cheers for all. This track has an unmistakable feeling good to be alive attitude! Key of C at 100 beats per minute melodic new age spiritual chillout.

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