Descripción: This composition is designed for those who truly love! Who yearn for loved one. It is very sad and at the same time soothing. It used classical instruments such as cello, violin, piano.

Descripción: Ambient experimental relaxing background music track for your media, Youtube videos, slide-show, meditation, promotion and etc. Suitable for any commercial and non-commercial video/media projects.

Descripción: A sophisticated and beautiful audio logo for any corporate or business use. It features a guitar, cimbalom, flute, and celesta. This track works well as an audio logo for games, apps, videos, films, or commercials! It is also great for any YouTube video intro/outro, business projects, or audio indent.

Descripción: Lisa y suave, este subrayado suavemente hacia arriba, levante su audiencia. Se usa para crear un feliz y estimulante atmósfera en su próximo proyecto. La guitarra eléctrica y acústica melodías acompañados por los tambores va a ayudar a su audiencia en un suave y la construcción de ritmo que es un factor de motivación.

Descripción: Deep and warm electronica track provoking journey into organic sound, playful electronics and atmospheric textures. Enjoy!

Descripción: Piano-driven cinematic track that builds toward a dramatic crescendo, then gradually fades. A cross between the ambient/cinematic genres, suitable for promotional or motivational material as well as providing an excellent soundscape for more static projects. See this track in action in an ad for the Colorado School of Mines here:

Descripción: Synths and piano, similar to Vangelis

Descripción: Feeling of deep dive . Meditative

Descripción: Comienzo suave y melódica en guitarra acústica, solo suave y aireado cojín. Se trata de "Noche romántica".

Descripción: Lie back and relax as you listen to the sound of a soothing, soul cleansing choir. Let your troubles slip away and fall into a deep sense of spiritual awakening, as beautiful harmonies transport you into a vast, breathtaking landscape. This track is perfect for meditation or reflection, in your workplace or media projects. Enjoy!