Descripción: Powerful punch hip hop, rock, composition featuring overdrive alternative guitar riff, hip-hop beat and urban style elements. Perfect for advertising, action, military, martial arts, urban, sport video, advertise and more projects. 90BPM, Em. Thank you for listening, rating and purchasing-)

Descripción: Glorious and triumphant inspirational cinematic music piece featuring full orchestral strings and brass sections, emotional piano, war drums and orchestral percussion. Epic and dramatic composition perfect for movie trailers, video games, sports videos, superhero films, commercials and more. Powerful and exhilarating music track that evolves to create a heroic and victorious feeling.

Descripción: Épica oscuro amenazando la música orquestal. Hordas y ejércitos reuniendo en el campo de batalla. Grito de guerra. Majestuosos, cinematográficos, cornetas y tambores de guerra. Ideal para remolque, intro o tema o música interactiva batalla lazo. Variantes: 1 Min coro gritos / 1 Min Loop / 0:48 / 0:42 gritos / 0:30 coro/gritos/Instrumental / 0:25

Descripción: High energy and victorious, part electro and part big tom explosive cinematic drum sequence. Also includes some glitch chop effects and some dramatic use of bit crushing; builds with a riser to a bone crushing final hit.

Descripción: Determinado, seria subrayado pista para la política thriller o drama. Leve militar o equipo SWAT de la sensación, pasando por los preparativos, el movimiento en la posición, o ser cazado. De intensidad moderada, mezcla de profundo, oscuro percusión orquestal y sonidos electrónicos.

Descripción: Epic Inspirational Fantasy Adventure - Cinematic Epic Background Music! Inspiring epic adventure music with cinematic heroic action feeling. Cinematic Epic Fantasy Adventure is made for use as: cinematic inspirational background music, big epic advertising, presentation, commercial, epic dramatic video game trailer, majestic blockbuster, Olympic sports video etc. adventurous, advertise, background, big, cinematic, commercial, confident, contest, corporate, dramatic, drums, epic, fantasy, fast, film, glory, hans zimmer, hopeful, inspirational, inspiring, intro, majestic, movie, orchestral, olympics, piano, powerful, presentation, soundtrack, sport, strings, strong, successful, trailer, driving, optimistic, pompous, proud, video game, Brian Tyler, James Horner, James Newton Howard, John Powell, Michael Giacchino, Nick Phoenix, Thomas Bergersen, Two Steps From Hell

Descripción: An experimental choral sci-fi trailer score with epic mood. Main instruments are electro guitar, strings ensemble, acoustic guitar, choir, sound designs, dubstep elements, riser effects, cinematic impacts, heavy drums, bram hits, female vocal and electonic synths. Heavy, powerful, intense, dramatic, escalating, loud, modern and epic. Ideal for commercial use, movie trailers, video games and product introductions. Track is releated as movie trailer, film trailer, orchestral music, orchestral trailer, sci-fi trailer, blockbuster trailer, video game soundtrack, movie soundtrack, epic soundtrack, trailer music, experimental trailer, trailer score, sound design trailer, epic dubstep, epic rock, epic trailer, orchestral rock, intense trailer, dramatic trailer, choral trailer, dark trailer, hollywood trailer, energetic, edgy, hard, pushy, tension, massive, explosive, uplifting, action trailer, instrumental music, background music, electro-orchestral and cinematic trailer.

Descripción: A dynamite action movie music score, full of pounding drums, stabbing brass lines, and fast paced rhythms. Buckle up your belt with a shot gun, and chase through the jungle. Take your viewers through the action scene by scene with this explosive action music. Great for fast tempo, up beat action films, Hollywood epics, adventure visuals, and battle / war scenes. A huge epic piece of music that is heroic, huge and dynamic!

Descripción: Starting off with an intriguing ostinato and growing into a large, epic moment, "Heroic Quest" is a grandiose underscore for you hero. Featuring full orchestra with intense strings, percussion, and male chorus, this cue will provide the musical energy you need for your adventure. This would make a brilliant trailer.