Descripción: Un bonito y relajado folk pista con bonitas guitarras acústicas.

Descripción: Pista un folk acústico detrás suave y relajado, presentando dedo elegido guitarras acústicas, mandolinas, glockenspiel, piano y violonchelo. Ideal para una relajante música de fondo a una variedad de proyectos de vídeo.

Descripción: This song is a mellow but driving acoustic guitar folk track, starting with two lightly picked guitars and an organ, and building to light piano, bass, and electric piano, with a shaker keeping the beat throughout the song. Calm and soothing, this track evokes images of a peaceful evening under the stars in the middle of summer.

Descripción: Música de guitarra acústica, una mañana de invierno, estado de ánimo positivo, conjunto de guitarras acústicas.

Descripción: Positive and uplifting track with bright and joyful feel. This upbeat arrangement features energetic piano, playful whistles tune, flute, claps, glockenspiel, strings, brass, bass and uplifting drums! This cheerful instrumental track will surely bring the joy and happy feeling to a wide range of promotional media, including cute and fun marketing videos, corporate motivational videos, business retreat and events vlogs, as well as other marketing material related to fun, having good time, achieving progress, and celebrating.

Descripción: Lyrical subtle acoustic guitar composition that reflects your feelings either friendship, partnership, support and trust or any other images and status related with positive process and interaction.

Descripción: Piano y guitarra acústica de mezcla en caliente, que fluye y señal positiva.

Descripción: Música de guitarra acústica que es feliz, que fluye, diversión, folk y caprichosa

Descripción: This beautiful background music is a happy and upbeat fun instrumental featuring acoustic guitar, ukulele, bells.

Descripción: Música de guitarra acústica que es feliz, que fluye, diversión, folk y caprichosa.