Descripción: An energetic, upbeat and modern track with catchy, aggressive pop guitar hooks, a driving beat, cool transitions and overall positive attitude. Great for extreme sports videos, commercials, websites, presentations, YouTube videos, racing, sports, and any project that needs great, high-powered energy and testosterone! advertising, beat, big beat, commercial, cool, driving, electric guitar, energetic, energy, exciting, extreme, exuberant, fast, fun, high-energy, modern, pop, positive, power, punk, racing, rebellious, rock, snowboarding, speed, sports, testosterone, upbeat, uplifting

Descripción: A powerful and aggressive old school funky instrumental track similar to deeply soulful horn groups of the seventies. Build on a super cool bass groove riff that is doubled on keyboard and full brass section and a rock solid drum back beat. Female vocal shouts and scats enter the fray at the mid point along with a roaring electric guitar solo and sfx. Fun stuff for your project.

Descripción: 30 sec up tempo Funky blues live band vibe would work for TV/Film

Descripción: get loved is a modern funky groove with a Daft Punk and Get Lucky style, “Random Access Memories” vibe. A trendy, funky disco track in a contemporary style, great for movies, dance scenes, fashion shows, background music, radio and movies.

Descripción: Cool & Funky Guitar Rock groove "Lenny Kravitz, Maroon Five" mixing grungy guitars and clean funk backing guitars. Great for TV, website, DVD, corporate, movies, youtube, Rock Music, Funk Rock

Descripción: "Daft es una terapia de Funk Audio Digital" es un ritmo moderno con Daft Punk, Get Lucky y dar vuelta a la vida al estilo de la música, vibración "Memorias de acceso aleatorio". Una discoteca de moda, funky la pista en un estilo contemporáneo, ideal para películas, escenas de danza, desfiles de moda, música, radio y películas.

Descripción: Bajo del surco medio Tempo órgano 70s guitarra melodías

Descripción: Período voz 70s Funk guitarra eléctrica Sax hombre mediados

Descripción: An actual funk sound, retro, disco, groovy like Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars, James Brown, Sly and the family stone. One goal: Funk the place!

Descripción: Moody Middle Of The Road Groovy Funky electrónico