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Description: Gentle, but stirring and emotional Christmas theme from around the Middle Ages. A kindly, fresh faced fair maiden elegantly waltzes around a forest glade choosing holly and berries for her Lord and masters table, as the snow gently falls. Great for historical documentary, television and drama. 60sec and 30sec full and underscore mixes
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  • Track Number: 1320882
  • Subida: 08/28/2015
  • Reproducciones: 119
  • Favoritos: 1
  • IPI/CAE Number: 890662112
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  • Writer: Easy Access Music/ Alec Makinson
  • Writer PRO: PRS (U.K.)
  • % Share: 100%


Noble, Elegant, Stately, Joyful, Romantic, Summer, Winter, Soft, Light, Cheerful, Enchanted, Festive, Graceful, Heart warming, Hopeful, Humble, Kind, Rambling, Sweet, Warm, Tranquil, Medieval, 13th Century, 14th Century, Sir, Nobleman, Lord, Duke, Season, Xmas, Holiday, Happy Holidays, Seasonal, Christmas Carol, Santa Claus, Solstice, Merry, Fun, Joy, Campy, Snowfall, Snowing, Cosy, Tender

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