Descripción: Very expansive and builds without overpowering. A constant, driving, piano with pulsing synths, a thumping bass, and active guitars.

Descripción: Sweet and tender, but also has a lighter side. Strings bring in the romance, as the piano keeps it sincere, and the bells keep the innocence.

Descripción: A very sentimental track, with a spring day and a wedding dress in mind.

Descripción: Like opening a book into a strange new world, this introspective track will transport you into a pastoral place, filled with mysteries and secrets. Only you can discover them.

Descripción: One of Gluck’s most popular works, from his opera Orfeo ed Euridice

Descripción: One of the more popular movements in Vivaldi’s The Seasons, Winter’s Lago represents the falling of the winter rain.

Descripción: Faure’s sensual melodies are perfect for this arrangement, featuring the Flute, Guitar, Harp, and Piano.

Descripción: Schubert’s flowing Impromptu lends itself to this arrangement for Guitar and Harps. Perfect for Weddings!

Descripción: Bach’s famous arrangement of an aria from Gottfried Stötzel’s opera, Diomedes. Here it is rearranged for Nylon Guitar and Double Harps. Perfect for Weddings!

Descripción: Begins with a relaxed and cool piano theme, later to be joined with rapid strings and a laid back beat.

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