Descripción: Mysterious dreaming music from the ancient past. Ethereal female voice over a soft dreamy synth pad.

Descripción: Un simple moody'pista electrónica con guitarras y sintetizadores, que podría ir bien como música de fondo.

Descripción: Native american indian chant. This is a wisdom quest prayer song from the Lakota tribe. Sampled vocals over a dark drone sound makes it great for documentaries, historical footage or background music for narrations and voice overs.

Descripción: Action packed track with electric guitar a la James Bond and brass sections. Really cool and swift, perfect soundtrack for a heist or video game.

Descripción: Music for news broadcast, breaking news and network news. Modern sounds with synths and second blips.

Descripción: Pista corta gozosa con la sensación del circo, ideal para niños comerciales y de entretenimiento.

Descripción: Electro pista con sintetizadores y ritmo groovy.

Descripción: Music with influences from the dark ages, perfect for a dark intro. It has a dreamy edge to it, some celtic and nordic elements, but also modern elements that will work great for cinematic stuff, television, radio as well as historical documentaries about ancient people. I had vikings in mind when I wrote it, imagining their raids and ships, swinging their swords, axes and shields, fighting their enemies as they crusaded through Europe and onward.

Descripción: A little tune with influences from the southern pacific. Peaceful and tranquil with a simple yet beautiful melody.

Descripción: Epic ambient track with female vocals on top of drone bass and distant tribal drums. Although peaceful and humble, it holds something more mysterious and glorious.

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