Descripción: This ghost can see you and what you are up to.

Descripción: The ghost tells you that it is watching you. Ideal for a scary game or video or other production.

Descripción: The voice of a ghost proving that they are indeed real.

Descripción: A ghost wishes you a happy horror night this halloween

Descripción: A spooky spirit wishes everybody a happy halloween

Descripción: A cute ghost wishes you a happy halloween from the other side of life.

Descripción: Some ghostly noises coming thru your speakers

Descripción: A creepy voice asks whether you believe in ghosts

Descripción: A ghostly ghoul says dont get scared now. Could be used in lots of different creepy creations.

Descripción: A creepy ghost tells you to not have nightmares. It is a very spooky voice with a strong echo on it.

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