Descripción: Another Peruvian-meets-North American folk fusion instrumental in my catalogue. This tune features different sections that could be used in different ways, or the piece could be used in its entirety. This world-music piece highlights the beautiful South American stringed instrument named the Charango. It's unique sound makes this instrumental perfect for eclectic world-music projects. Instruments used also include Spanish-style classical guitar and Peruvian folk bass drum.

Descripción: This upbeat track is catchy and kitschy, allowing it to fit perfectly in situations ranging from film to photo to video, etc. The instrumental is acoustic with upbeat percussion, whistling and melodica to give it a real fun feel. The different sections could be used individually or the track could be used as a whole.

Descripción: This two part instrumental was written to represent the sorrow in death later followed by the second part which represents rising into the afterlife. It's sort of a concept song which contains two parts. This could be very effective since part 1 is sorrowful and part 2 is more uplifting. This piece is underscored by unique, organic percussion to give it a ceremonial sort of sound.

Descripción: This experimental instrumental evokes thoughts of being in nature due to its organic acoustic elements. This versatile piece could be used in many film settings as well as in other projects. It features a few different sections which makes it valuable in that each part could be used for different applications. It's has a kitschy feel utilizing an old hammond organ along with other unique instruments.

Descripción: This classical guitar piece with much dynamic push and pull. This instrumental is very emotive and would work well in many applications including film among others. The track features a finger picking section as well as an intense strumming section that finally settles back down into a soft fingerpicking ending.

Descripción: This instrumental is an upbeat piece featuring mandolin, banjo and melodica. This catchy, happy tune could be used in a wide variety of situations from photo montage music to film, to video series, etc.

Descripción: This instrumental is a fusion between North and South American Folk featuring the sounds of acoustic guitar, violin, and starring the sounds of a Peruvian percussionist playing cajon drum and wood bongos. The sound of this piece is very worldly and could be applied in many film, video and television situations requiring such sound. The driving force of the cajon drum and wooden bongos creates a tribal driving force in this organic instrumental, allowing it to be a great fit for many projects.

Descripción: This is a piece I recorded on an old Hammond Organ. It turned out to sound like a cross between old video game music and old baseball organ music. This could be fun and effective in certain settings.

Descripción: An acoustic guitar piece used for Yoga, Meditation and other applications where the mind is left to wander. A beautiful and harmonious instrumental that could be used in many applications.

Descripción: An instrumental featuring classical acoustic guitar. This emotive piece brings the listener through a journey of ups and downs. This work would be perfect for any contemplative application that has many pushes and pulls that lead to resolution.

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